COT management for smoother tenant transition

For Landlords, a change of tenancy can be a real headache, particularly if there is a problem with historic debt from a previous tenant which prevents the supply of power to a new tenant.

It’s not uncommon for landlords in this situation to suffer from a lack of rental income as the property remains empty whilst the energy connection issue is resolved.

Acting as a single point of contact on your behalf, Energy Connection Services will speed up the process to reduce any delay in receiving a rental income. Not only will we manage the query to provide a resolution for you, but as an independent organisation with access to preferential rates and timescales from the key players in the industry, we’ll liaise with all relevant parties to identify and resolve any issues before securing a new supply from the most competitive provider.

Landlord billing solutions make tenant billing a breeze

If you are the landlord of a multi-occupation building, splitting the bill between tenants may no longer be feasible as energy becomes more expensive.

To help you to manage your billing more effectively, ECS can provide tailored Smart Metering solutions which are not only cost neutral, but help you to build up a picture of how your tenants are consuming energy.

The use of Smart Meters allows for 100% accurate billing using industry accredited meters. As a landlord, you’ll have the power to bill tenants individually for the exact amount of energy they have used. We can also help you to identify usage peaks to pinpoint potential savings or energy wastage.

With our end-to-end landlord billing platform, you can choose one of three billing options:

  • Option 1 – Data only so you can produce your own bill
  • Option 2 – Data + digital pdf – a white label bill that can be branded by you
  • Option 3 – Paper bill only

This service appeals to landlords of all sizes as it simplifies the tenant billing process, is a cost neutral solution, and over time can generate additional revenue. It also requires no tenant interaction.

Smart Meters can be operated remotely, or via a web portal. Whichever method you choose, ECS offers a single point of contact to coordinate the installation, management and support of your Smart Meter.

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