ECS will begin by carrying out telecoms and internet connectivity analysis. Using your site’s postcode, we can establish the maximum speed of connection currently available to you.

We will produce a report detailing the current availability of internet connection at your location, and establish means of securing internet connectivity to your requirements.

From basic phone lines all the way up to high speed connections we can help you.

The key benefit of ECS being truly independent, is that we are able to approach multiple telecoms and network providers to establish the best way forward.

A great example of the work we do is from a project in Portsmouth, when a client approached us for an internet connection. Our research revealed that there was no internet service available at their premises.

Our investigations also discovered that no internet was even planned for the future, due to their location beyond a railway line.

However, ECS managed to secure a connection from an independent provider who offset the cost of installation against other users it could serve as a result of the work.

Summary of Telecoms services from ECS

We can deliver commercial IT & telecoms services including:

  • Independent review, advice & planning for your telecoms needs
  • Cost effective, telecoms provision via BT or independent providers
  • Connections to meet your current & future IT & telecoms needs
  • Timely connections within budget and your project timescales
  • Installation of phone lines free of charge
  • Ongoing line rental at half the price of standard BT retail prices (from just £7.99 per month)

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