Are you yet on board with ECS Battery Storage solutions?

Not only could you earn a revenue through introducing the solution to your clients – you could also benefit from the savings achieved by your client once the solution is deployed. An increasing number of businesses are reaping the rewards of on-site battery storage technology. Even small-scale commercial operations can benefit from a reduction in their energy spend via:

  • Peak shaving – The battery storage provides power at peak times which reduces peak demand charges
  • Load shifting – Charge on cheap tariff and release during peak tariff
  • Increased security of supply – Reduction in production downtime due to power outages

With large scale and small-scale options available it is a scalable option to suit all commercial and industrial settings.

Why would you want to use battery storage?

Battery storage enables you to have an emergency back-up solution which in turn reduces any production downtime caused by power outages. This minimises any associated costs you would normally incur with a loss of power.

Your electricity bills can be lowered from the use of battery storage as it can enable you to take advantage of time-off tariffs. Only using the energy from the grid at the cheaper times to store for use at more expensive times.

You enable yourself to future proof against the volatile energy prices and any regulatory changes that take place.

The Technology behind the Power – Tesla Powerwall V Tesla PowerPack


The Powerwall battery stores solar energy which allows you to use it day or night and self-power your property. Typically, solar panels will generate more energy than your business can immediately use which enables you to use it on demand and decreases your reliance on the grid.

With a usable capacity of 13.5kWh, maximum continuous power of 5kW and the standard continuous power of 3.68kWh, the Powerwall is the most affordable battery in terms of kWh with its integrated battery inverter. A completely automated system that installs easily means there is no maintenance required.


With their proven lithium-ion chemistry, the PowerPack is compact and scalable whilst providing a versatile layout. The smallest options range from 50kW to 109kW options these are aimed for the larger industrial and commercial units.

As with the Powerwall, the PowerPack allows for an increased security of supply and gives the back-up required should there be a network failure.


At ECS We have small and large-scale options available – scalable to suit all commercial & industrial settings.

Our team will work with you to advise, design and project manage the process – offering as much support as you need. Contact our battery storage team to find out how we can help you and your clients – call us or email

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