All siteworks requirements are catered for through our specialist Project Team – from upgrades to existing infrastructure, supply downgrades, connections, alterations and meter moves.

Upgrades – ECS can carry out an initial feasibility study and arrange for necessary works to be quoted for and – once accepted – carried out on your behalf.

Temporary Builders’ Supplies – We can arrange all from the smallest requirement i.e. a single site hut to a large site operation – including cranes, lifting equipment and disruptive loads.

Supply Alterations – We can arrange alterations including re-routing with minimal disruption. Our work with multi-site retailers has given us vast experience of unit splitting – dividing a large retail space into smaller units, ensuring installations are fit for purpose and future-proof, to accommodate future demands of the space.

Meter Removals & Disconnections – Due to the complex nature of disconnecting supplies (because the meter operator and supplier are different parties) it can be difficult to get supplies disconnected and the meter removed on schedule. ECS handle all of the necessary appointments and ensure the final meter read is taken accurately for final billing.