Despite still being in the early stages of water privatisation in England, ECS are experienced at dealing with water authorities for our clients over many years. We can arrange all types of connections from application through to point of connection only, ‘self-lay’ agreement options, whereby the client’s contractor would carry out majority of the installation, with the water authority completing the final point of connection.

ECS can secure installation of private mains and mains service extensions ready for adoption by the host water authority as well as individual, single services.

By engaging ECS, our clients across the UK avoid the notorious headache and hassle of dealing with local water authorities.

All work carried out follows WIRS [Water Industry Registration Scheme]  and is carried out by WIRSAE [Water Industry Registration Scheme Accredited Entity] contractors.

Water Tendering

Since April 2017, the water retail market has been opened to competition, allowing commercial organisations in England to choose their water provider.

Many client portfolios taken on by these newly-formed providers are being plagued by  inaccurate billing, specifically a worrying number of overcharges for services including surface water.

Our long-standing client HobbyCraft have themselves experienced this with five of their sites, which we confirmed had been overcharged for surface water on bills received from Water Plus.

ECS have also helped HobbyCraft & other clients through our expertise in water leak analysis. We have enabled our clients to recoup excess costs charged by their water provider.

Summary of water services from ECS

We deliver all aspects of Water including:

  • New water supplies
  • Increased supply capacity
  • Diversion of existing pipework
  • Specialist water treatment for hotel, leisure & catering clients
  • Metering and control solutions
  • Waste water & water conservation solutions
  • Audit, invoice validation and leak analysis

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