Efficient project management to secure utility connections and reduce down time

If you are making changes to your existing manufacturing plant, or looking to move it all together, you’ll require new connections and utility supplies.

With limited industry knowledge or key contacts, establishing these utility connections can be frustrating, timely and extremely costly as you are distracted from your core business to ensure that electricity, water, gas and telecoms are established in line with your project plan.

Secure utility connections and reduce down time with ECS

As an independent UK based company, ECS can secure all utility connections on your behalf.

Acting as a single point of contact and liaising with all relevant parties, we’ll manage and coordinate the entire project, offering a tailored solution that meets the agreed specification, regulations, timescales and budget.

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals have established relationships within the industry, so we’ll also secure preferential rates and the best possible deal for your utility supplies.

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