Since deregulation of the utility supply industry, and the development of the private network market, there are numerous companies involved in the utility market from asset ownership through to installation and metering. The range of these companies is wide, and it can be confusing to know where to start.  ECS help you make sense of the utility market.

ECS is an independent UK based company which provides end-to-end project management and coordination of customers’ business utility connections to electricity, water, gas and telecoms.  From design through to installation ECS manages the process so you don’t have to.

Our project management team has many years of experience of providing fully project managed solutions to customers, allowing them to best identify cost savings and streamline the process, thus alleviating the headaches faced during the construction of a new site.

From inception to completion, ECS offers a tailor made business utility connections solution, liaising between customer, supplier, meter operators, onsite engineers and third party contractors – a single point of contact.

The added value brought to this process by ECS is in the continuity of effort and contact through effective project management all the way along the utilities supply chain.  This is not generally managed effectively within the large utility organisations where many dispersed departments need to work together to get the work completed, leading to often excessive timelines and unnecessary delays due to miscommunication.  The benefit of this liaison-based approach should not be under-estimated.